D-I Marine Transmissions

Since 2004 Diesel Engines Online is the exclusive distributor for the D-I (previously Dong-I) Marine Transmissions, steering systems and PTO's of D-I Industrial for the Benelux and Germany.

D-I Gearbox and Marine Transmissions

This South Korean brand was originally developed for commercial shipping but can also be perfectly used in boating. The D-I Marine Transmissions have been sold for more than 25 years on the Asian market. Diesel Engines Online has been selling these reverse gearboxes for 17 years now. In this period, this brand proved to be indestructible and, above all, very reliable. The brand has done all of this while maintaining a very attractive price. Because of this there have already been more than 1700 marine transmission and gearbox installations in the Benelux and Germany.  

The D-I Marine Transmissions are available from 60 HP to 1,500 HP, in various reductions. They are standard equipped with Bellhousing, spiderwheel & flywheel adapter, standard oilcooler, oil pressure gauge, morse cable support & contra flange for the propeller shaft. It is optional for Diesel Engines Online to deliver D-I marine transmissions with a trolling valve, front and reverse signs and an oil pressure and temperature alarm.We can also supply a matching Centa high elastic element for your hydraulic marine transmission.

D-I hydraulic PTO's

In addition to its hydraulic Marine Transmissions, D-I Industrial has also developed a hydraulic PTO. This hydraulic power take off can be mounted on the front of the engine (on the vibration damper) as well as on the back of the engine (on the flywheel).

Diesel Engines Online offers a wide range of D-I Steering Systems and accessories as well.

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