Diesel parts

Diesel Engines Online B.V. has - because of the more than 40 years experience with Cummins diesel engines and parts - become a leading independent supplier of Cummins parts. Our excellent service and quality makes us a reliable partner for global customers and partners. Through our years of experience we can provide you with comprehensive technical advice and solutions to complex technical challenges. 

Because of smart import directly from the USA, we are able to offer genuine Cummins spare parts at competitive prices. We have an extensive stock Cummins spare parts, therefore we can guarantee a quick delivery. 

Using the serial number of the engine, we can immediately tell which parts you need. We also have diagnostic equipment to readout Cummins engines, this tool is available for all of our customers. 

Why original Cummins?

Genuine Cummins (spare) parts are very reliable and have a longer life expentancy. These parts ensure that your engine has the best performance. Using continuous quality control and a comprehensive test program ensures a consistent quality of all Cummins parts. 

Besides our extensive stock of genuine Cummins parts, we also have the facilities to overhaul, calibrate and test Cummins fuel pumps and injectors (PTD and STC). 

We can also offer below mentioned RECON Cummins parts:

  • Fuel Pumps
  • Injectors (PTD & STC)
  • Waterpumps
  • Cylinderheads
  • Turbo‚Äôs

We can also supply Caterpillar parts and Fleetguard filters.

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