Our specialisations

Diesel is our passion, that’s why you will find diesel in our name. We specialize in everything that has to do with diesel and especially the Cummins brand. Whether it's fuel pumps, injectors or delivering a complete new engine, we'll make sure you get the correct parts.

In our range of products we almost have all models of Cummins diesel engines, both new, used and refurbished condition. We have a large stock of Cummins engines, which can be inspected in our warehouse in Barendrecht and there is also the possibility to do a test run. All the engines in our range are carefully checked by us and are in good condition. We can also help you to find a specific type of diesel engine that don’t have in our stock. We have a very large stock of engines parts for various motor types. We also have all the technical knowledge, equipment and tools for repairs to diesel engines and we cab provide you with advice. In addition to new parts will also sell used Cummins parts in our range. Diesel Engines Online will always help you to find the right part. In addition of selling Cummins we are the distributor of the famous brand marine transmissions D-I Industrial (formerly known as Dong-I). This notable brand provides marine transmissions, PTO’s and steering systems in a variety of models and ratio’s. Would you like more information or place a request? Please give a call to +31 (0) 180 699 273 or send an email to info@dieselenginesonline.com.

Power in Cummins parts

Cummins is how it all started. From generation to generation the knowledge and love passed for this beautiful brand. Because of this, keeping it as our specialty, we have an enormous amount of knowledge to offer many solutions and improvements.

Cummins fuel pumps and injectors

In our workshop in Barendrecht we work full-time on rebuilding various types of Cummins fuel pumps and injectors. With maximum precision the components are disassembled and thoroughly inspected and cleaned. The parts which are subject to depreciation will be replaced by new original Cummins parts. After this, everything will be put together and tested.

Cummins diesel engines

We ensure that we always have a wide range of Cummins engines in stock. We keep a close eye to see how the market is developing and know what's available and what the market is asking for. By buying in large quantities you will see that our prices are lower than average. The engeins can always be viewed and checked in Barendrecht.

D-I Industrial marine transmissions

The South Korean D-I Industrial marine transmissions are now well known in the Dutch market. Many captains already know that D-I Industrial equals quality at a good price. A very complete marine transmission which is extremely generously equipped.

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