New and used Cummins engines

In our warehouse in Barendrecht we have a wide range of Cummins engines. We have mechanical but also fully electronic engines with a power range between 125 hp to 1,500 hp. Our stock changes constantly and because we make sure we buy them at the best price we can provide our customers the best price. We buy for example engines whose warranty has expired but these engines are new. Of course you will receive always a half year warranty when purchasing an engine. Buying from us, you are assured that you are investing in a quality Cummins engine, regardless of your choice between new or used.

If you wish, we can also modify the engine for you. For this you should contact us so that we can provide more information. Our specialists will advise regarding the different possibilities.

Besides that we sell both new and used diesel engines, we also buy Cummins engines. Do you have a used engine which is doing nothing but is earning a second life? Please contact us so we see how we can help you.

Engines from stock

This picture next to this will give you a small example of the engines that we have in stock. We will always have both mechanical and electronical engines in stock so we can help a big part of our customers. We will keep a close eye on the market and will jump into any changes in supply and demand.

Quickly up to speed

The purchase of a new engine is not always planned. Sometimes external influences will force you to buy a new engine. By just providing your current engine number to us, we can search for a good alternative. We will check if the most critical components correspond to an engine from stock and can make an engine fit for your situation

Cummins engines for any application

No matter for which application you are searching for an engine - we have a wide range of engines in stock, for different applications. Such as construction, mining, generatordrive- & marine engines, in different emission models. If we do not have anything you need - we will search for you to find the right engine.

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