Rebuilding Cummins fuel pumps and Cummins injectors

In our workshop in Barendrecht we have all the facilities to overhaul Cummins fuel pumps and Cummins injectors, test them and calibrate. We work with the best equipment (Hartridge) for component overhaul. The overhaul of fuel pumps and injectors requires a lot of knowledge and accuracy. Using the right equipment and technology we ensure that the parts are rebuilt to perfection. We have three Cummins certified specialists that only work on the revision of these parts. It is possible to make fuel pumps and fuel injectors but you can also bring your own fuel pump and injectors to us and we rebuilld your own. The choice is yours! Our prices for rebuilding Cummins fuel pumps and injectors are very sharp. We can give a price in advance and if unexpected things come up during the overhaul we contact you to discuss. We always strive to have your fuel pump and injectors ready within 48 hours so you back to business as soon as possible. Partly due to the revision of these components we are trying to do our bit for the environment and sustainability. Besides Cummins fuel pumps and injectors, we also overhaul:

  • Water pumps
  • Cylinder heads
  • Turbochargers
  • STC valves

Would you like to have more information or a quotation for the overhaul of Cummins fuel pumps and injectors? Please call us today on +31 (0) 180 699 273 or send an email to

How is the revision carried out?

The Cummins fuel pump will be disassembled and ultrasonic cleaned. After this cleaning we will check the seperate components and renew all the parts which are subject to wear and tear. Then, the fuel pump is built up again, and will be calibated and tested according the Cummins guidelines. The Cummins injector (PTD and STC) will be cleaned thoroughly. After this cleaning we will check the seperate components and renew all the parts which are subject to wear and tear. Then, the injector is put together and a check is performed to check the yield.

Certified staff

All revisions we perform are done by certified specialists. These specialists have attended trainings and learned how the revision should be carried out according to guidelines of Cummins. Obviously they ensure that their knowledge is kept up to date by attending new courses.

Common rail injectors

In our product range we also have "common rail" injectors. These injectors we can also deliver from stock at the lowest prices you will find in Europe. These injectors are new or available in an exchange system in which the injectors prices at the exchange system are lower because you can swap with the your old injectors.

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